VR HMDs are boring. They are all so dark and dull. We need more colorful HMDs to appeal to non-tech folk a little more!

Imagine putting a big dark expensive looking thing on your head that you don’t understand or don’t trust. I’ve had a good few people when demoing that refuse to go in the kit.

Picture of a black HMD on the floor
It looks threatening, like it’s planning to kill you.

We have another event coming up, and I wanted our kits to look more inviting. We also have lovely colourful office and branding – the black of HMDs stood out. So I brought some vinyls.

4 colourful HMDs
So pretty!

And now our office HMDs look amazing! Branded and colourful. They look like the fun they actually are to play!

Me wearing a colourful HMD
So coordinated <3

Google has the right idea about technology. Wrapping it in more human textures and colours. Shame they’ve dropped Daydream. Sony’s PSVR isn’t too bad with it’s white body and blue LEDs.

Red Google Daydream

I wish more manufacturers would experiment with colour and feel. Just make tech a bit more friendly.